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Claire Lake Fishing

Read what Graham Taylor had to say about his experience fishing for pike, trout and grayling on Claire Lake in 2013.

Teehnah Lake Fishing

Bernard, we had a great time at your cabin. Looking back on it, it was a pretty seamless and well run operation. Can’t think of anything that can be improved on. Will probably be back in a couple years

Tom and Rosemary

Frank Lake Fishing

Hey Bernard,

Here is a bit more detail about the fishing at Frank. The pike were basically just waiting to be caught, in the shallows it normally didn’t take more than 3 casts to catch one. Eventually I targeted then exclusively on fly with similar results. Roel caught the biggest pike, we didn’t measure it but I recon just over one meter in length.

I focused heavily on lake trout the first few days. They were deep, I had the best results trolling at about 20-25 meters deep in cloudy or darker conditions. Smallest trout was about 40cm, got maybe 8 that measured 65cm or longer and my biggest was 90cm! By far the biggest trout I have ever caught. I caught about 50 trout in the end.

All in all some of the best fishing I have ever had.



Hello, Bernard! Nice to hear from you. Yeah, we had a comfortable trip back and I am so sorry because the holiday is over.

Here are our statistics:

  • 191 pikes, with the biggest measering 46″
  • 62 lake trouts, with the biggest measering 36”
  • 5 whitefish, with the biggest measering 21″
  • 4 graylings, with the biggest measering 10″

That makes a total of 262 fish in two weeks. Not so bad, BUT, fishing for trouts was difficult, because they swam in deeper water much earlier than in former years. We found them in a depth of 60 to 80 feet at the beginning of June !!! The pikes grew up since my last visit at Frank Lake in 2002. We catched many pikes between 32″ and 40″. I think that little lake trouts are best food for them. In 2002 there were much more little lake trouts to see and to catch than in 2005. The upper statistic would be different, if we trolled much more time for lake trouts. But it was an amazing thing to cast for pikes on sight. So we spent much more time for it, as you can see on the figures of the statistic. O.k. thats it. I send some pictures of fish and nice pictures shot from the aircraft. The blood on the mouth of the lake trout is my blood !!! from unhooking thetrout. I released it unharmed. Best regards to your whole family!


Ten Mile Lake Fishing

Well, how many fish is a tough question because we caught so many. We caught 50 plus lakers every day. One day we kept track and averaged a laker every 5 minutes over three hours. Biggest was maybe 8 pounds. I’m not sure how many pike because they were all incidental catches as we never targeted them –maybe 6 to 8 per day. Largest pike was also around eight pounds. A lady from Environment called and asked some questions about our cougar sighting. I was pleased to provide her the limited data we had. That is still something I think about a lot — a real treat. We hope the rest of the season goes well.

Bob and Dian

Coghlan Lake Fishing

Bernard- I called a few of the guys from the Coghlan trip and got an estimated number of each species. Grayling- well over 500- I got the largest, 50 cm0, weight? – Hot lure for me was 1/8 oz. cast master, fluorescing red. Northern Pike, about 100 or so at the far end of lake, Frank boated one 90 cm, 13 lbs. (not every one fished for pike) Lake Trout -Estimated at between 150 and 200, mostly casting the shoal drop-offs with spoons. I boated a trout 83 cm, 20+lbs (trolling a 7″ yellow Bomber B-26 with 3 oz. weight) Others boated 8 trout trolling that weighed in the mid to high teens.



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