Arctic Grayling Fishing

Private Fishing Camps in the Yukon

A fly-in fishing trip to the remote lakes of Canada’s Yukon remains one of the great fishing adventures in one of North America’s last frontiers. Let us fly you and your friends in to fish for Arctic Grayling on one of our nine secluded lakes north of Whitehorse, in the Yukon River basin. Fly fishing for Arctic Grayling with Wilderness Fishing Yukon is available at Teehnah, Drury, Claire and Coghlan Lakes.

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Our fishing season runs from the last weekend in May to the end of September. Enjoy some of the best fly fishing and spin/cast fishing in the world for Arctic Grayling. Northern Canada’s Yukon welcomes you to our clean and well-maintained fishing camps with a choice of nine pristine Yukon lakes – all to yourself.

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Arctic Grayling

Grayling are one the most sought after sport fishing species for a few reasons:

  • Pound for pound they are arguably the best fighters out there.  On a light rod, fishing for Grayling can be incredibly entertaining.
  • Arctic Grayling are one of the most beautiful fish you will ever see. The males have a dorsal fin that is iridescent in the sunlight when they are swimming in their natural habitat.
  • These strong fish are very aggressive when hungry. This makes Arctic Grayling the perfect fish to for anglers looking to learn how to fly fish. Grayling provide great opportunities for fly fishermen and women to learn how to cast, retrieve, and fine tune timing for hook sets.

Arctic Grayling Fishing Tips

Fly Fishing for Arctic Grayling on a pristine lake or stream in Canada’s Yukon is a fishing adventure you won’t want to miss. Most small flies work well with Grayling. Start with dry flies as they can be more entertaining than the wet flies. Keep in mind that Grayling feed mostly on insects so anything from grass hoppers to wasps to black ants will work. The Prince Nymph or Royal Coachman are great Grayling fly fishing flies.

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