Best Canadian Fishing Trips

The Best Canadian Fishing Trips There are many amazing places to go fishing in Canada, but perhaps the best fly fishing spot is the Yukon. This is one of the last frontiers in Canada, and it’s a place where you can enjoy a huge variety of fly fishing spots. The Yukon river basin has several […]

Benefits of Guided Fly in Fishing Trips in Canada

12 Benefits of Guided Fly in Fishing Trips in Canada One of the memorable adventures that you can take is a guided fly in fishing trips in Canada. If your outdoor experience is limited, you will love a guided fishing trip. But you need to pick the right guide if you want to enjoy your […]

Best Tips on Fly Fishing in Canada

8 Best Tips on Fly Fishing in Canada Good fly fishers are able to cast properly. A lot of anglers do not know how to cast properly. These anglers have bad habits and techniques when casting. If you are not good at casting, then know that you are not alone, so you don’t have to […]

How To Have The Best Fishing Holiday Vacation In Canada

How To Have The Best Fishing Holiday Vacation In Canada If you would like to vacation in Canada, specifically go on a fishing vacation, there are several places that you can go that are absolutely fantastic. Canada is known for exceptional fishing in the Yukon. This is an area of Canada that is in the […]

How to Handle Large Trophy Fish

Hey Folks, I was recently asked by one of my clients how to handle large trophy fish. I would love to hear your ideas and tips regarding this subject. Here is how I responded: Hey Joseph, I am happy you asked this question as it is a subject that gets missed sometimes. If you catch […]

Interesting Fishing Video from Mandanna Lake

Hey Everyone,   Here is a fun video from awhile back. We dreamed this up after our work was done and we discovered we didn’t have any fishing gear. After 20 minutes trolling we caught this nice Lake Trout! Click here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_ZE0hynepc to see the video.

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Welcome to our new online home and blog at Wilderness Fishing Yukon. We’d love to hear your feedback. We’ll be posting fishing tips, fishing videos, news and fishing reports in our blog as the season unfolds.