Fishing for Lake Trout

Fishing in Canada for Lake Trout is a classic fishing trip.

Fly fishing for Trout in the Yukon is most successful in the spring between the middle of May to the end of June. If you see Cisco, you can bet there will be a few big Lake Trout following them so throw your black and white, or dark blue and white sinking streamer into the school of cisco and make your streamer look wounded. After June you will have to go deeper if you want to catch Lake trout. Fish off of drop offs and shoals. Trolling works on the fly! Don’t troll to fast and use your motor to control the depth of your fly. Dark overcast days seem more productive than clear days for Trout.

Spin Cast Fishing for Lake Trout is similar to Fly Fishing in that you should try to imitate whatever the Trout are feeding on at the time. The main advantage of the Spin cast system is that it is more conducive to deep water fishing and trolling. With practice you will be able to get your lure to specific depths.

Contrary to popular belief you should not use thick line when trolling. A thicker line will catch more water and hold your lure up from the depth you want to reach. I have had the best luck using triple braided nylon. Ten pound test of the nylon line is approximately the same diameter as dental floss. Use a three way swivel with a weight tied to the bottom side of the swivel to help your line sink. Make sure there is at least 3-4 feet between the swivel and your lure which should be tied on the horizontal side of the swivel.

Fish follow the law of nature. Most amount of gain for the least amount of effort. Therefore you should troll only fast enough to produce action on your lure. Make your lure an easy target and you will catch more fish.

Fishing lures for Lake Trout include almost any 3″-6″ diving plug. Our favorite is the Bagley extra-deep shad. Most 3″-5″ spoons also work well. A few of our favorites are:

  • 3″ chartreuse Kit-A-Mat
  • 3″ and 5″ Five of Diamonds
  • 3″ Little Cleos
  • 5″ Crocodiles
  • 3″ Kamloopers
  • 3″ Kastmasters.

1/2 oz. lead headed jigs with red and white bodies work very well. As for color; we like chartreuse, orange, red, white and yellow combinations for the best action. Keep in mind that Coghlan, Ten-Mile, Frank, and Ken Lakes have very clear water and a lure with too much silver can be blinding to the fish on a sunny day.