Tying Fly Fishing Flies

Need a hand learning to tie your fly fishing flies?


Basic equipment you will need:

Hook: Partridge GRS12ST or GRS15ST size 12
Thread: Uni thread 8/0 Black
Underbody: Leadwire (shank one layer, thorax double)
Rib: Monofilament 0,20mm at least 12 windings
Wing: Furry foam or dubbing
Shellback: Flexibody
Thorax: Fitch or mink (dark brown) dubbing well picked out
Head: Black


STEP 1: Put fine lead wire on the hook shank (two layers around the thorax). Optionally coat with varnish.

STEP 2: Tie in 0.20mm/0.08″ diameter clear monofilament for use as rib and to create the body segmentation.

STEP 3: Secure the underbody well with thread and lacquer to be sure the materials will be not twist around the hook shank when the fly is finished.

STEP 4: Cut out a small piece of transparent flexibody in the shape as shown in the photograph.

STEP 5: Tie in the strip of flexibody.

STEP 6: Tie in a narrow strip of Furry foam. If furry foam is not available use hare-tron or fine dubbing material.

STEP 7: Wrap the furryfoam around the shank to form the abdomen.

STEP 8: Use some dark mink or fitch guardhairs/underfur spun in a dubbing loop for the thorax. Make a well defined thorax.

STEP 9: Pull over the flexibody. Secure it with your tying thread.

STEP 10: Wind the monofilament in at least 12 turns to the eye of the hook and tie off. You have now a good and effective segmentation, which is of vital important for this pattern.

STEP 11: Pick out the mink hairs to define the legs, and the Caseless Caddis is complete.