Drury Lake Fishing Camp

Drury Lake lies 115 air miles north-northeast of Whitehorse in the Yukon. This scenic lake is surrounded by the Yukon’s beautiful Pelly Mountains, you will get a birds-eye view of this during your private flight in. Drury Lake is 15 miles long and Drury Creek is navigable for an additional two miles.

Drury Lake fishing camp is best known for catching Arctic Grayling (up to four pounds). The sight casting for Grayling in Drury Creek is also something you Drury-Lake-Yukon-Mapwill not forget! In addition to Grayling, Drury Lake has produced Lake Trout over 40 inches and Northern Pike up to 15 pounds. Drury Lake is one of the best Yukon lakes for wildlife viewing opportunities.

  • Wilderness Fishing Yukon’s 14′ x 20′ eight man cabin on Drury Lake is set in a stand of beautiful white spruce.
  • The camp has four 14′ boats with 9.9hp motors.
  • Camp change: Fridays

Party sizes: 2 to 8 persons
Rate: $3,250/person per week
Extra week: $2,150/person at Drury Lake, $2,500/person at another camp from Drury Lake or at Drury Lake from another camp.

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