Lake Whitefish Fishing

Private Fishing Camps in the Yukon

A fly-in fishing trip to the remote lakes of Canada’s Yukon remains one of the great fishing adventures in one of North America’s last frontiers. Let us fly you and your friends in to fish for Whitefish on one of our nine secluded lakes north of Whitehorse, in the Yukon River basin.

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Our fishing season runs from the last weekend in May to the end of September. Enjoy some of the best fly fishing and spin/cast fishing in the world for Whitefish. Northern Canada’s Yukon welcomes you to our clean and well-maintained fishing camps with a choice of nine pristine Yukon lakes – all to yourself.

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Lake Whitefish

Whitefish all over the world are an important species in the food chain. In the Yukon they are food for Lake Trout, Northern Pike and even big Whitefish. If you find a place with a lot of whitefish you can be sure there is excellent fishing for other species as well. Because the whitefish feed most of the time in the shallows of the lakes during summertime, you can select one fish and try to catch it on sight, which surely is one of the most beautiful ways of fly-fishing. If you finally hook one, you will quickly discover that they fight much stronger than Arctic Grayling but the risk of losing them during your play is pretty high. Depending on the species, due to their small and very soft mouth, the landing chances easily can be only 40%!

Lake Whitefish Fishing Tips

Most whitefish caught are caught accidentally, while trolling or casting for trout or grayling. Some of our guests have succeeded in getting them to hit a nymph fly on the shoals. Flutter spoons are said to work. Ask Bernard about directions for making a whitefish rig. You will need some nice tricky flies to prevent Lake Whitefish from slipping of the hook too easily. Hint: use a curved hook! Small Gamigatzu’s work well.

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