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Claire Lake Fishing

Read what Graham Taylor had to say about his experience fishing for pike, trout and grayling on Claire Lake in 2013.

Teehnah Lake Fishing

Bernard, we had a great time at your cabin. Looking back on it, it was a pretty seamless and well run operation. Can’t think of anything that can be improved on. Will probably be back in a couple years

Tom and Rosemary

Frank Lake Fishing

Hey Bernard,

Here is a bit more detail about the fishing at Frank. The pike were basically just waiting to be caught, in the shallows it normally didn’t take more than 3 casts to catch one. Eventually I targeted then exclusively on fly with similar results. Roel caught the biggest pike, we didn’t measure it but I recon just over one meter in length.

I focused heavily on lake trout the first few days. They were deep, I had the best results trolling at about 20-25 meters deep in cloudy or darker conditions. Smallest trout was about 40cm, got maybe 8 that measured 65cm or longer and my biggest was 90cm! By far the biggest trout I have ever caught. I caught about 50 trout in the end.

All in all some of the best fishing I have ever had.



Hello, Bernard! Nice to hear from you. Yeah, we had a comfortable trip back and I am so sorry because the holiday is over.

Here are our statistics:

  • 191 pikes, with the biggest measering 46″
  • 62 lake trouts, with the biggest measering 36”
  • 5 whitefish, with the biggest measering 21″
  • 4 graylings, with the biggest measering 10″

That makes a total of 262 fish in two weeks. Not so bad, BUT, fishing for trouts was difficult, because they swam in deeper water much earlier than in former years. We found them in a depth of 60 to 80 feet at the beginning of June !!! The pikes grew up since my last visit at Frank Lake in 2002. We catched many pikes between 32″ and 40″. I think that little lake trouts are best food for them. In 2002 there were much more little lake trouts to see and to catch than in 2005. The upper statistic would be different, if we trolled much more time for lake trouts. But it was an amazing thing to cast for pikes on sight. So we spent much more time for it, as you can see on the figures of the statistic. O.k. thats it. I send some pictures of fish and nice pictures shot from the aircraft. The blood on the mouth of the lake trout is my blood !!! from unhooking thetrout. I released it unharmed. Best regards to your whole family!


2017 Fishing At Mandanna Lake

Hi Bernard & Amanda, we can’t thank you both enough for our third and latest fishing trip to the Yukon. Once again you both went the extra mile to take care of us. Having your parents accommodate myself and Brenda at their B&B for the first night upon our arrival and the last night before we left was like having icing on the cake. Your family are simply salt of the earth and we enjoyed their company immensely. You cant beat that homely atmosphere and then top it off with first class cooking! 

What can we say about the fishing, other than it was everything we could have hoped for and more. Flying over all of the lakes with you and taking in the wonderful views and scenery on our way to our warm comfortable cabin was simply breathtaking. One can never get enough of those sights.

This year i decided to try my hand at Flyfishing for those big lake trout on the days that Brenda stayed at the cabin relaxing, reading and enjoying the peace and quiet of the wilderness. With a good supply of firewood and the wood stove burning and no shortage of supplies it couldn’t be more snug. Maybe she enjoyed it more with me out of the way once she herself had enjoyed numerous days of landing several trout and big pike trolling!

Anyway, i anchored up on the edge of some of the drop offs and used my #7 weight fly rod with a hi-d sinking line and some big streamers. What can i say other than i hooked into trout that appeared to be on steroids! These are incredibly powerful fish and when you have a twenty pound plus fish that decides to just dive straight down anywhere from 150 to 200ft and stripping your Fly line off completely and taking your backing down to where you start to sweat leaves you wondering are you going to have enough. These are awesome fighting lake trout and were in great condition. (See pics) Then when you sit back in the boat after landing some of these monsters and just savour the surroundings and wallow in that intense feeling of utter satisfaction is to put it simply, ‘priceless.’ I know you’ll understand that feeling yourself. The peace and quiet and solitude of having not another soul around is such a rare treat nowadays.

We caught lots of pike with one absolute giant of a fish 45.5 inches long that weighed just over 40lbs. My best pike ever and i caught her on a Rapala deep diving tail dancer.

We saw Moose and Beaver and Otters, Ruffed Grouse by the cabin, loons and Swans and lots of Duck. Listening to the loons is hauntingly beautiful. 

I had an interesting encounter with a fish eagle one day while trolling when he flew behind me and swooped down to grab a lake trout of roughly 6lbs that must have been following my lure over the shallows and then watched as he struggled to fly his way to shore where i then sat and studied him as he enjoyed his meal.  

Amanda’s help in arranging a car and for us to go visit Skagway in Alaska for our last day was a stroke of genius. What a beautiful scenic drive, breathtaking. An unexpected bonus on top of an already fantastic fishing holiday. 

We cant thank you both enough for taking such good care of myself and Brenda.  Its people like you that puts our faith back in humanity!


You can rest assured that we’ll be back!


Thanks once again

Kindest regards

Benny & Brenda