Off-the-Grid in the Yukon

Pristine Wilderness Cabin Rentals

Looking to disconnect with technology and reconnect with what matters?

Wilderness Fishing Yukon offers more than just a fishing adventure. Let us fly you up to one of our secluded lakes north of Whitehorse, in the Yukon River basin. Whether it be our “Honeymoon Special” Lyn Lake or the rustic luxury of Coghlan Lake, Wilderness Fishing has something for everyone. Your adventure awaits.

Yukon Adventures Ready To Be Explored

Use your time at your wilderness retreat to recharge and explore the beauty of the Yukon Territory. Your adventures are only limited by your imagination. There are many activities available at each private lake.

Hiking Trails

There is nothing more grounding than the Yukon back-country views. Take in the sights by exploring the hiking trails and be sure to pack your swimsuit because the glacier fed lakes are as refreshing as they look.

Teehnah Lake has many hiking trails guests can explore at their leisure. Two smaller Yukon lakes are accessible by these trails. These lakes are close enough for a nice day trip.

Over Head View - Yukon Landscape

Scenic Landscape and Wildlife Photography

Planning a trip to the Yukon gives you the ideal opportunity to visit one of the most iconic pristine and unspoiled wilderness destinations still found on the planet. The backdrop of your private lake will beat out any photo studio. Keep your eyes pealed for Moose, Grizzly Bears, Wolves and Osprey but always remember to give them space as we are just guests on their home territory.

Frank Lake is one of the best locations for wildlife watching. This horseshoe shaped lake is six miles by three miles and includes a variety of bays, shoals and islands. The different water features typically bring birds of prey like Bald Eagles and Hawks to swoop in for a Lake Trout snack.


Toss a line in the water or maybe enjoy an sunset picnic evening with the people that matter the most to you. Boating on your private lake gives you the control to decide where, how and what you accomplish everyday of your holiday.

Coghlan Lake provides the most options for boating features. Enjoy the Pontoon boat that comes along with this lodge retreat as well as the three 14′ fishing boats with 9.9 hp motors. Looking for a more scenic paddle? Try one for the three canoes out at Teehnah Lake.

Yukon Off-The-Grid Retreats

Click through to each of our private lake cabin rentals for a full description of their location and charm. We have a retreat that will appeal to everyone. Our camps accommodate from 2 to 12 individuals. A majority of our camps are the only accommodation on the given lake. You will have the Yukon’s pristine wilderness to yourself .

Private Lake Cabins – Comparison Chart

LocationPeopleLake Size –
Miles Long
Amenities *Boats **
Lyn Lake22.51 – 14′
Ken Lake 2-442 – 14′
Coghlan Lake2-67BBQ
Full Kitchen
Full Bathroom
Hot Water
3 – 14′
1 – 20′ Pontoon
Teehnah Lake2-63Hot Water
Full Kitchen
2 – 12′
1 – 14′
3 – Canoes
Drury Lake2-8154 – 14′
Frank Lake4-864 – 14′
Mandanna Lake4-864 – 14′
Claire Lake4-12155 – 14′

Each Retreat Includes

*All of our package rates include your scenic flight to your private camp as well as:

  • bunk beds, pillows
  • foam mattresses
  • propane hotplate
  • propane lights
  • propane refrigerator
  • propane barbecue
  • woodstove, firewood
  • utensils
  • propane gas
  • dishes, dish towels
  • first aid kit
  • fire extinguisher
  • outhouse
  • life preservers
  • deep 14′ boats
  • 9.9 hp motors, motor gas

**Our 14′ boats are equipped with 9.9 hp gas motors.