Canada Fishing Licenses

Before you can even wet your flies on a fishing trip with Wilderness Fishing Yukon, you must have a valid Yukon, Canada fishing license to fish in Yukon waters. Canada fishing licenses are available from us or you can pick one up at community Renewable Resources offices, the Fisheries and Oceans Canada office, most highway lodges, sporting goods stores, hardware and general stores and gas stations.

  • Season – Non-Resident Canadian: $25.00+GST
  • Other – Non-Residents: $35.00+GST

If you plan any fly fishing for salmon in the Yukon, you must purchase a Salmon Conservation Catch Card in addition to a Yukon fishing license. A Catch Card can be obtained at the same place where you purchase your Canada fishing license.

Fly fishing in national parks requires a National Park Fishing License as well. These are available at the Kluane National Park Reserve Visitor Reception Centre or the Parks Canada office in Whitehorse.