Fishing Videos

We love fishing videos! Check out our latest cuts…

Northern Pike on Coghlan Lake

Check out this underwater footage of a Northern Pike caught on a line at Coghlan Lake.

Fiona’s Fishing for Pike

Watch Fiona catch and release a large Pike!

A View of Whitehorse by Air

The breath-taking view of Whitehorse, Yukon flying in to the start of your fishing adventure.

A Fly By

Overhead views of the Yukon and a glance of some of the most beautiful private lake camps Wilderness Fishing has to offer.

Bernard’s Flyrod Pike

Watch as Bernard hooks a big Pike using a fly-rod!

Northern Pike

My friend with a monster Northern Pike. Check out the colour and clarity of the water!

Lake Trout

Have a look at the other Lake trout in the water watching the one on the line. Beautiful footage!