What to Pack on Your Fishing Trip

It’s easy to get packed for your Canadian fishing adventure with Wilderness Fishing Yukon. You provide only sleeping bags, groceries, fishing license, tackle, personal gear and any expenses you might need to cover while visiting Whitehorse. We take care of the fishing camp accommodations, boats and cabin amenities.

Fly Fishing Apparel and Clothing

Wading shoes (best with steel studs in the sole) can be useful especially when long hikes are needed to reach your fishing spots or while you are searching for fish. Breathable waders are also popular on our fishing trips but for the icy waters in the north, you might consider neoprene waders (4.5 mm). Special underwear and thermal socks can give you excellent protection against cold-water temperatures. One layer next to your body and one over your waders keeps you much warmer while you are fishing and protects the feet of the wader much longer. A fly fishing vest is indispensable. Wading is only necessary at Teenah and Drury Lakes.

Weather Conditions in the Yukon

The weather in the Yukon can be unpredictable. Temperatures can be  chilly in the early morning and evenings. Daytime temperatures can be quite warm. Since the weather can be so variable in this part of western Canada, you will be safest and most comfortable packing a variety of clothing and layers.


Fishing in cold and windy conditions without the correct fishing gear and apparel is not ideal so windproof jackets (rain or windproof fleece) are highly recommended. Good quality fleece will protect your body even when it’s  wet. Wind proof clothing is also important when using power boats to move between fishing spots. Air temperatures near the waterline and the speed of the boat will make you cold! Therefore, in a boat you always should bring wind protection and wind-resistant clothing.


Nobody likes to fish in pouring rain so a first-class wind and waterproof jacket must be the highest priority for every angler. We all like to travel light so the jacket must be able to compress easily so that you can store it in the back of your fishing vest.

Warmer Temperatures

When the weather is nice, you should protect yourself with a long-sleeved shirt which is useful for sunburn and also keeps mosquitoes and bugs away.

Using a nice cap or hat underneath the hood of your jacket will keep the visibility high while you are fishing, preventing direct reflections from the water and sun and making it easier to use polarized sunglasses. Don’t forget to bring sunscreen and a bathing towel.