Fly Fishing Tips

Fly fishing for fish in Yukon lakes is relatively easy due to the general lack of fishing pressure in this part of Canada.

Here are some basic fly fishing tips to help improve the size of your catch:

  • Stay out of the fish’s field of visibility. If a fish has followed your lure close to the boat, try to keep your cast low over the water on the next cast so as not to spook the fish.
  • If the fish has followed your fly to the boat, try jigging the fly in a figure eight pattern in front of the fish instead of creating undue movement by removing your fly from the water and re-casting. I have caught many a fish in this way, especially pike.
  • Always be prepared. Sometimes it pays to have a couple different rods set up in different ways so you can take advantage of opportunities when they arrive. You could be fishing for Pike and see a school of nice Grayling swim by. If you are ready, you can take advantage of situations like these.
  • Keep the noise down as much as possible. Loud noises will spook fish.

A fly fishing trip to the Yukon is one of the most unforgettable fishing adventures you will probably ever have. Have fun and bring back some great stories!