Join us for the best in Canada fishing in the heart of Canada’s Yukon Territory!

A fly-in fishing trip to the remote lakes of Canada’s Yukon remains one of the great fishing adventures in one of North America’s last frontiers. Let us fly you and your friends to fly fish on one of our eight secluded lakes north of Whitehorse, in the Yukon River basin. Our fishing season runs from the last weekend in May to the end of September. Enjoy some of the best fly fishing (or spin/cast fishing if you prefer) in the world for Lake Trout, Arctic Grayling, Northern Pike, Lake Whitefish and Burbot. Wilderness Fishing Yukon welcomes you to our clean and well-maintained Canadian fishing camps with a choice of nine pristine Yukon lakes – all to yourself.

Watch us in action as Marc Crapo of Kype Magazine joins us for Yukon fishing in Canada’s north.

Canada’s Yukon Territory is the land of the midnight sun where there is plenty of daylight to fish to your hearts content. When is the last time you heard of a place where there are more moose, loons, eagles, bears, and otters than people? Come join us for the best lake fishing in the Yukon where the Rocky Mountains meet the Arctic Circle and you can fly fish 24-7 with your companions surrounded by the stunning mountain ranges of western Canada.

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Fly In Fishing Canada

Read more about how Yukon is one of the best fly-in-fishing provinces in Canada.

If you enjoy fishing as a leisurely activity, and you have never been to Canada before, you might want to incorporate this into your itinerary. It is a great way to experience the vast countryside of Canada, especially if you are able to get into Canada’s Yukon Territory. Whether you are going to do fly in fishing in remote areas, or take a boat ride out into the secluded lakes north of Whitehorse, you will enjoy every moment that you are a part of a fishing expedition that will lead you deep into the Canadian wilderness. Here are a few tips that you can use to find the best places to fish and have fun in the incredible Yukon territory of Canada. Let’s look at why you should consider a fishing trip into Canada, and why you should trust the professionals at to help you schedule this vacation.

Fishing Ontario
One of the most well-known provinces of Canada is called Ontario. It is bordered by Hudson Bay and the United States, North and South, respectively. It is a very large area, with Toronto as its capital city, right on Lake Ontario. Some of its most notable landmarks include the CN Tower, something very similar to the Seattle Space Needle. It is also known for the incredible fishing that is available in this region of the world that is highly coveted by both amateur and professional fisherman worldwide.

Fishing In Canada

People that choose to go fishing in Canada will often choose Ontario because of the many lakes and bays that can provide hours of fun every day. Some of the more popular ones include Lake Simcoe, Rice Lake and you can also do fly in fishing on the French River. Although there are many places that you can go fishing in Canada including the Great Slave Lake, Tobin Lake, and the famous Tree River, you might want to consider a fishing expedition with a company such as Fishing Yukon that can provide you with one of the best fishing trips of your life.

The reason that so many people decide to go fishing in Canada is because of the weather which, especially during the spring and summer months, provides the perfect clarity and temperatures necessary to have the best possible chance of catching fish. People that have gone to the Yukon River basin have often experienced some of the best fishing in their life, whether they are looking for Lake Trout, Northern Pike, or if they go Burbot fishing. It is recommended that you book a trip with a company that can take you to specific locations where you will have the best opportunity to catch fish every day.

Canada Fishing Trips
When you start to do a search for Canadian fishing trips, you will likely find a vast assortment of companies that are willing to take you where ever you want to go. If you have never been to Canada before, you may want to have them recommend a particular place for you to go fishing and also access some of the well-maintained Canadian fishing camps. In the Yukon, there are nine beautiful lakes that you will literally have to yourself because of how remote they are in comparison to the location of modern urban cities. Fishing in Canada has actually become more popular in recent years due to many television shows showing how large the fish are, and how easy they are to catch, which has always been indicative of Canadian fishing.

Canadian Fishing
Your search for the perfect company to work with for fishing in Canada may begin with a simple search online. You can look for Canada fishing, or Canadian fishing companies, all of which will help you find the best companies to work with. Some of them will be very similar so you will have to choose one based upon availability and price. It just depends on what time of the year you are contacting them, and what part of Canada that you would like to take your trip, when making your final choice.

Fishing BC
Another great area to visit is called British Columbia which is located on the western most average of Canada. Some of the more popular attractions include Vancouver Island, and a place called Sooke where there are numerous places that you can go fishing for salmon, and also take advantage of hiking and the different beaches while you are resting. Prince Rupert is also known for great salmon fishing, as well as the whales and other types of wildlife that you will see. However, if you would like to fish on a lake, one of the best places to start is Lake Ontario.

Lake Ontario Fishing
If you decide to go out on this lake, you will quickly see that there are several different companies that offer their services. You can get guided tours, and you can also work with charter boats that will take you out to catch trout, salmon, and the other fish that are very common to the lake including brown trout. Just be sure that you are comparing the information on each of their websites to see how good the company actually is. Make sure that they have several years, if not decades, of experience and if they have actually won trophies for catching fish in the lake including steelhead, brown trout and salmon.
BC Fishing
This is a fantastic place to go fishing not only because of the many lakes and rivers, but because it is located on the Pacific coast. You can actually take a fishing expedition out onto the Pacific Ocean, something that is not available for other areas of Canada. It is a prime place for travelers, whether they are hiking, camping, or if they are anglers looking for a great time. You can also visit the Pacific Rim National Park, and also Glacier National Park, two of the most well-known parks in this area of Canada.

Ontario Fishing Lodges
If you had back to Ontario, which is located over the states of Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan, you might want to consider renting one of the many fishing lodges so that you can take advantage of what it feels like to actually spend time in the wilderness. There are several different ones available that are highly recommended including the Waterfalls Lodgeand Anderson’s Lodge, both of which will allow you to take a boat out onto the lake. By doing this, you will have more time to spend fishing in the many rivers and streams, and also out on the lakes located throughout the area.

Canadian Fishing Trips
So how do you book a Canadian fishing trip? That’s actually the easiest part of the entire process, regardless of where you live in the world. For example, you could live in Australia and book your trip online, and they would have everything ready and waiting for you. The amount of time that you spend can also factor into the total cost of your trip. The longer that you stay, the less it will cost per day, which causes many people to consider extending their vacation for an extra week or more.

Canada Lake Lodge
The reason that people will search for a Canadian Lake Lodge is because it makes it very simple to get out onto the water directly in the morning. The lodges adjacent to one of the many lakes that you will be staying at, giving you easy access to the water. This will allow you to fish moments after you wake up, getting an early start. As most anglers know, the best times to go fishing are right at dawn, or write at dusk, in order to improve the odds of catching their quota for the day.

Fishing Camps
If you do decide to visit Canada, regardless of the physiographic region that you choose, you will always be able to find fishing camps that are available, some of which are not that well known. You could be in the interior plains, the St. Lawrence lowlands, and find absolutely beautiful places to fish. All of the camps will have a website which will show you exactly what to expect with the many packages that they have as well as the accommodations that are available.
Canadian Fish
There are actually several different types of fish in Canada that you can go after such as the bull trout, brook trout and the flathead catfish. There are also exotic looking fish such as the long nose Gar with its pointy beak-like mouth, and of course the highly coveted largemouth bass. When you are searching through the many different options that are available, you can actually divide them up based upon the type of fish that you would like to catch. Some of the best ones are located in certain lakes found throughout Canada, which will help you make the right decision.
Lake In Canada
Another way that you can narrow down your final choice to a particular fishing trip is to look at the different makes that are in Canada where fishing is good. Lake Ontario is of course very popular, due to its notoriety, but there are many other places to fish. For instance, you might want to go to the Polar Bear Provincial Park located adjacent to Hudson Bay. There are actually electrified fences there that are designed to protect the people that are fishing, with many people pulling out as many as 100 speckled trout every day.

Fly Fishing Canada
If fly fishing is more your style, and you would prefer finding a river or stream, you may want to consider going to the Queen Charlotte Islands, or do some flyfishing out in Bulkley River where they are well-known for helping people get steelheads in large quantities.

Fishing In British Columbia
Some of the best places are actually located in British Columbia for flyfishing and you can do this at the Fraser River, sometimes receiving accommodations that include complimentary meals, and also the use of boats and tackle. Another place that is great for any type of fishing is Caverhill Lake which is connected to many different rivers and streams. You will be able to connect with many different types of fish, bringing in as many as you want, without worrying that you will go a single day without catching a fish to fry that night.

Manitoba Fishing
If you are going to stay in Ontario, you might want to head west into the Canadian province of Manitoba. It is right next to Saskatchewan, and it is well-known for its many Prairies and forests, as well as lakes and rivers, surrounded by Arctic tundra. Some of the more famous lakes include Lake Winnipeg which is perfect for lake fishing, and you can also head over to God’s Lake, and of course Lake Manitoba, in order to do both fishing and flyfishing.

British Columbia Fishing Trips
The popularity of Canadian fishing has increased so much due to the many different fishing shows that are on the Internet. You can find videos on YouTube, or also catch the different fishing shows on the television which are always talking about Canadian locations for Lake and flyfishing that are great. In fact, fly in fishing has become exceedingly popular, so whether you are traveling to Saskatchewan, Manitoba, or Ontario, this is something that you will be able to do.

Fly In Fishing Canada
Of all of these locations, if you want to do fly in fishing where you are flown to a specific location, you can find yourself in a very remote location, sometimes in the middle of the lake, with a cabin all to your own. They will drop you off with all of your gear after you have docked, and then you can begin on what many considered to be the ultimate journey for an angler. Not only do you have the benefit of seeing all of the lakes and streams on your way in, but you will be able to experience these incredible remote places where you can catch largemouth bass, trout, northern pike, and many others that could be extremely large due to the fact that very few people come to these locations.

Fly In Fishing
The reason that fly in fishing is so incredibly popular today is that it is relatively new in terms of popularity. This has also been featured on many fishing shows, showing people how easy it is to catch extremely large fish, at a place where you are isolated from technology, not to mention humanity, where it is just you and nature. There are quite a few places that you can do this, especially in the Yukon Territory. There are reasons why even novice fisherman want to do Canadian fly in fishing over all of the other choices.

Canadian Fly In Fishing
When you are able to travel into Canada for a fly in fishing trip, you will see how untouched most of the landscape actually is. There are certain places in Canada where there has been a lot of clearcutting, but the locations for the fly in fishing are relatively untouched, giving you the impression that you have gone back in time to a place that allows you to get back to nature.

Fly In Fishing Trips
The cost of flying fishing trips can be quite expensive, depending upon how far you go out. If you are going to do this in the Yukon, you are looking at spending several thousand dollars, and you may want to consider going in with another person. The Yukon is especially beautiful because it is also regarded as the land of the midnight sun. If you go during the summer months, you will have access to as much daylight as you need so that you can do fishing from your remote location, a trip that will seem to never end.

Fishing Lake Ontario
Finally, after returning from your flight in fishing trip, you might want to conclude your tour of Canada and its many different places to fish with fishing on Lake Ontario. This is a great place to and, not to mention begin, a Canadian fishing adventure. It is a beautiful Lake that will allow you to catch hike, Trout, Whitefish, and even an Arctic Grayling. The only other place that would be better is fishing in the Yukon Territory

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Fishing Alaska

Fishing in Alaska is a bucket list worthy goal for many people and not just avid fishermen. People from all walks of life become interested in heading to the great north to take in the natural beauty of this minimally touched land. We often host buddy trips, family trips and couples where not everyone is a fishermen but they end up loving their time here because there is so much to take in. Now for fishermen, there’s no better place to take a fishing trip than Alaska. Alaska has it all, the best lakes, rivers and fisheries in the world.

Fishing In Alaska

Alaska fishing trips are the perfect time to forget about your life back home, a time to forget about work or your worries. Yes, you will catch many fish but you also will be in the arms of nature where at any moment you will be surrounded by nature. Endless sunrises and sunsets will make for some of the greatest photography that you will ever capture on a fishing trip. You won’t only have awesome pictures of all the large fish you have caught but pictures of you out on the lake surrounded by epic natural beauty that will be cemented in your mind forever.

Alaska Fishing Trips

Alaska fishing is noted as being some of the best in the world. We don’t just say that because we love Alaska but because independent critics and visitors have all rated Alaska as one of the best places to fish in the world. We love it for all the same reasons that you and most people will. There are a ton of fish ready to take your bait, the lakes are tranquil and beautiful, there are trees and mountains all around. There’s all types of wildlife who are willing to make an appearance throughout the day, and there is just something amazing about being in nature. Most of us are from cities and towns where there aren’t many epic lakes and where there is very little natural beauty so Alaska fishing is something very special to us.

Alaska Fishing

Visiting an Alaska lake lodge is one of the best ways to treat yourself when you visit Alaska. It really brings the experience full circle by having you live right on the lake so that you are right in the middle of everything. Imagine opening your window every morning to see the sunrise over the lake, all the different colors and hues. These are all the memories that you will not be able to ever forget. Somedays you might just want to hang out on the patio or dock and just take everything in on other days you will be amped up to go fishing. The point is that you will be able to have a great experience while at the lodge and it makes Alaskan fishing so wonderful.

One the lake in Alaska and staying in a lodge is the ultimate Alaskan vacation experiment. Staying on the lake gives you instant access to fishing, to all the natural beauty and the mountains. Some of the best lodges are right in the mountains and everywhere you look there is beauty around you. One thing that we do is help create memories. Sure you come here to fish but we want you to have a complete trip and have the ultimate Alaskan vacation experience. Lake in Alaska are wonderful with great fishing, clear crisp air that you will want to bag and take home with you. We describe it like this because there is a lot of awe when it comes to experiencing Alaska for yourself.

Headed to the lake in Alaska? Well, you do know that there are many here. We also have some of the best fly fishing Alaska. The fly fishing here is second to none. Fly fishermen come from all around the world to Alaska because the fly fishing is so good. We can’t wait until you get here to take it all in for yourself. It is just like how you would imagine it to be, perfect. The scenery is great, the people are great, the food is great and the fishing is wonderful. You will be glad that you have made the trip.

Fly Fishing Alaska

Fly fishing Alaska, you know that you want to do it, you know that it is a dream of yours and you know that it is on your bucket list. Think about all the type of things that people place on their bucket list and realize that most of them are things that just aren’t going to happen but a trip to Alaska to experience the world class and world renowned fly fishing in Alaska, well, that is completely doable. Some so doable must happen for you because this is one regret that you do not want to have at the end of your life.

Fly In Fishing Alaska

Alaska fishing lodges are the best places to experience fly in fishing Alaska. We all know what fly fishing is but what is fly in fishing? Fly in fishing is taking a person to an untouched and remote fishing area that is untouched by the errors of man and machinery. You are flown into this remote area where you can take in all the fishing you can handle. The fish are ready to bite at your bait, you won’t have a lot of competition or other fishermen chasing away the fish. It is perfect.

Alaska Fishing Lodges

So are you ready for your Alaska fishing trip? You know that you want to be here but are you taking the steps to get here? Some people will only dream while other people are willing to do whatever it takes to get here. Realize that for you to get here, to have your dream Alaska fishing trip, you need to plan and you need to get started. Life is for the planners and the doers, not for the dreamers. So please take the next step so that you can get here.

Alaska Fishing Trip

Fish in Alaska right now, maybe not right now but really soon. You can look at pictures and watch videos of fishing in Alaska until the cows come home or until you get bored of your dream or you can do what it takes to get here. We think that you need to focus on getting here. Getting here to fish in Alaska is what it is all about. So are you ready to come here or not? If you are contact us so that we can book your trip for you. If you need to save money to get here, start saving and working to get here is going to make the experience even better.

Fish In Alaska

Everyone hates commercial salmon, it is pure junk and not worth eating. The best Salmon in the world is in Alaska and it is wild salmon, the only type worth eating. It isn’t the awful fish farming type. Fresh salmon fishing in Alaska, it can’t be beat, there is nothing like it, you will love it, it will be terrific, it will taste so good fresh, you will enjoy your time out on the water. You will not want to leave and you will be planning your next trip before you even leave. We promise it. So plan to come here.

Salmon Fishing In Alaska

Fly in fishing in Alaska? Is there anything better to do? We do not think so. Alaska fly in fishing trips are wonderful and once you try it once, you will try it again. We know this from all the thousands of people who we have helped get here. They never want to leave and they always come back. It is not a once in a lifetime experience, it is a I must come back and do this again and again experience. Once you get here you will know that this is where you were meant to be and you must get here now.

Alaska Fly In Fishing Trips

Fly in to the best fisheries Alaska has to offer. This is why people do Alaska fly in fishing trips because they really are the best in the world and an experience that everyone who loves to fish must experience. Fly in in fish trips are wonderful. You will love it and it is something that you have to do. Fly in trips are the very best so go ahead and do it because you will love it and will remember it always. That is one thing that we know from bringing so many people here. Plan your trip right now.

Fisheries Alaska

Fishing trips in Alaska at the best Fisheries that Alaska has to offer. Is there anything better than this? Probably not! We will just have to say, plan your trip to Fisheries in Alaska and you will not be sorry. The best Fishing Trip in Alaska will take you to our very best fisheries. You will catch many fish, you will have a blast, you will have a great time, you will have so much fun any make many memories. Bring a camera to cement these memories forever. So come here now, plan your trip and make it happen. You have to do this for yourself.

Fishing Trips In Alaska

The best fishing in Alaska is almost everywhere. There are many lakes, there are many fly in location and we can take you to them all. You will love them all. We will plan the best trip for your personality and for your intentions. We can find something for everyone.

Best Fishing In Alaska

The best resorts for fishing are Alaska fishing resorts and you will love the locations that we have for you. We know what you will like because we will ask you and we will help plan the perfect trip for you.

Alaska Fishing Resorts

Alaska fishing resorts and Alaska fly in fishing is wonderful. Going to a fishing resort is the perfect vacation for the family or for your buddies. We have even taken people out here alone who have just wanted to get away from everything.

Alaska Fly In Fishing

Alaska fly in fishing is the best and especially if tied to our world class fishing lodges in Alaska. Fly in fishing is the best way to get to those special locations that are untouched. And going to a really nice fishing lodges in Alaska that you will love.

Fishing Lodges In Alaska

Fishing resorts in Alaska and lodges are the best. It is a great way to experience your fishing trip in Alaska. It give you the best of all worlds. Right near all the fishing action but nice and comfortable.

Fishing Resorts In Alaska

Let us plan the best fishing trip for you starting with a nice fishing resort where you will have all the creature comforts you will like and be near all the good fishing.

As you can see, there is a ton of thing to do in Alaska. We have great fishing, great lakes, mountains, wildlife, quality fish and just about everything that you would want on a quality fishing trip. We have a ton of experience helping plan dream trips for family, friends and individuals and we know that we will be able to plan the perfect trip for you. Let us be your trip planner because we know that we will give you the experience that you want. From hardcore fishers from people who just want to spend some time on the lake, we have what you want. So send us an email, give us a call and we will have the perfect trip for you. So we are the guys for you. Just give us a call and we will plan your trip, the best trip that you have ever had, a trip that you will alway remember. So give us a call now.

A trip to Canada for the sole purpose of fishing is something that everyone should have on their agenda at least one time in their life. Even if you are not an angler, if you have never been fishing before, there is no better place to begin than going to Canada. It is a country where there are so many remote locations, filled with rivers and streams, and lakes that are virtually untouched. It will give you a sense that you have found a place outside of time, a location that will allow you to catch an incredible amount of fish, and also have time to relax on your vacation. If you want to book a fishing trip, especially into the Canadian Yukon, you should visit this website today: Thank you for visiting us. We hope to spend some time with you soon.