Lyn Lake Fishing Camp

Lyn Lake is located 80 air miles north of Whitehorse, Yukon.Lyn-Lake-Yukon-Canada-Map

Lyn Lake is often referred to as our “Honeymoon Special” because this sheltered lake is bordered by breathtaking mountains and offers a secluded and intimate setting for couples who are passionate about fishing with its 12′ x 12′ two-person cabin.

Despite the smaller size of Lyn Lake, 2.5 miles by 0.5 miles, this lovely lake produces excellent fly fishing and catches of Lake Trout, Northern Pike and Burbot. Since this is our smallest lake, Lake Lyn receives the LEAST AMOUNT OF FISHING PRESSURE of all our lakes.

  • There is one 14′ boat with a 9.9 Hp motor.
  • Camp change: Sundays

Party sizes: 2 persons
Rate: $3,000/person per week
Extra week: $2,150/person at Lyn Lake, $2,500/person at another camp from Lyn Lake or at Lyn Lake from another camp.

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