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The Call of the Wild(erness)!

Where Exactly Is The Yukon?

You may have learned about the Yukon through books and movies – in fact, a remake of one of the most famous Yukon stories is in the works right now – The Call of the Wild.

We are a Canadian northwest territory happily perched on top of most of the rest of the continent. We border Alaska to the west and the Beaufort Sea is to the north. There are many waterways, mountain ranges, and most of the territory itself is considered to be a watershed. There are narrow glacier-fed lakes in this Alpine system, most of which flow into the Yukon River system. Mount Logan towers in the distance, reaching a height of almost 20,000 feet, a mountain that is part of the Kluane National National Park.

You can get here pretty easily from wherever you call home via the Whitehorse International Airport and there are plenty of incredible things to do in town if you have a few hours before or after the fishing!

There is no better time than now to start planning your next fishing trip. And there really is no better place to set it than the Yukon! You will see some of the most secluded areas of the Yukon, stunning wildlife and have access to fish that very few people do!

Contact us today and we’ll get you on the way to the best fishing vacation of a lifetime!

Best Canadian Fishing Trips

The Best Canadian Fishing Trips

There are many amazing places to go fishing in Canada, but perhaps the best fly fishing spot is the Yukon. This is one of the last frontiers in Canada, and it’s a place where you can enjoy a huge variety of fly fishing spots. The Yukon river basin has several secluded lakes that make for stunning retreats and that allow you to enjoy some of the best spin and cast fishing and fly fishing in the country. If you’re a fan of pike, whitefish, burbot, lake trout or arctic grayling you will have plenty of opportunities to catch those things, and enjoy stunning scenery and peaceful environments.

The Yukon territory is a place where you will find no shortage of daylight – it’s often known as the land of the midnight sun, so you can head out early and stay out all day – surrounded by wildlife and away from people. While it’s best known for fishing, many people get a lot out of the wildlife spotting side of things – you can watch the moose, eagles, bears and otters out in the wild, and enjoy the quiet atmosphere – away from traffic and crowds.

There are many other fishing destinations in Canada, but the Yukon is perhaps the best province for it – you can go on a tour of the rest of the Yukon (which is known as gold territory), and head out on a boat to enjoy some of the lakes north of Whitehorse. There’s no shortage of things to do and see in the Yukon, and if you feel like getting some more exploration in you could travel to Ontario afterwards – where you can enjoy some of the iconic landmarks of Toronto, such as the CN Tower.

Whether you choose somewhere central like Ontario, or head to the Yukon for a little more of an adventurous exhibition is up to you. The beauty of Canada is that you have so many choices. In the spring and the summer you can enjoy some amazing fishing opportunities – whether you’re an experienced fisherman looking for something off the beaten track where they can catch some big fish, or a beginner that wants a tour where everything will be managed for them and they’ll have the guidance they need to be a success.

Explore The Yukon

There are nine key fishing lakes in the Yukon, and they all tend to be comparatively quiet if you are accustomed to fishing in more popular tourist areas. Thy are quite remote, and even now – when fishing in Canada has really started to take off as a pursuit thanks to the documentaries and reality TV shows highlighting how big Canadian fish are and how ‘easy’ the fishing is – the Yukon is still relatively unspoilt. You can expect to have a large area of lake to yourself, so you won’t be fighting for the prime fishing spots with other holidaymakers.

There are a lot of tour companies that will take you out on fishing charters – they will provide the boat, captain and crew, and you have the option of hiring gear or bringing your own. Some of the charter companies offer a full service, so in addition to hiring the boat for the duration of the fishing you will have the option of going with the crew later in the day for other forms of entertainment – whether that’s wildlife spotting, fine dining, partying, or something else entirely.

If you’re looking for somewhere in between Ontario and the Yukon in terms of population and remoteness, then British Columbia is a good choice. This is a great spot for fishing for salmon, and it can be a nice spot to go whale watching as well. If you’re a relatively inexperienced fisherman, then heading to Lake Ontario could be a good option – it’s a convenient destination with plenty of nearby amenities, and the environment is friendly to people of all experience levels. There’s no shortage of trout or salmon, and there is a wealth of charter companies that can take you out there – many of which have decades of experience so can help you with the basics if you’re not confident yourself.

If you want to go fishing for several days, look at staying in a lodge. There are some spectacular lodges out there that give you the feeling of a wilderness retreat with the home comforts that you would expect at a more sophisticated hotel. This means that you can be warm, cosy and comfortable at night, and feel pampered, without having to cope with the hustle and bustle of a city hotel. When you wake up, the water is right there for you to head out and go fishing again, keeping to your own schedule.

Benefits of Guided Fly in Fishing Trips in Canada

12 Benefits of Guided Fly in Fishing Trips in Canada

One of the memorable adventures that you can take is a guided fly in fishing trips in Canada. If your outdoor experience is limited, you will love a guided fishing trip. But you need to pick the right guide if you want to enjoy your fishing trip in Canada.

The following are the benefits of guided fly in fishing trips in Canada.

1: Effective Techniques

There are several lessons you will learn from a guide even if you have been fly fishing for some time. It is important to develop proper technique. The guides know the fish that are present in the water. A guide can help you improve your casting style. This improves your chances of catching fish.

2: Learn More about Lures

Selecting the right lure is something you do not want to overlook when you are on a fly fishing trip in Canada. A guide knows the right lure. If you are a new fisherman, the guide will show you how to tie the lure correctly.

3: Increases the Chances of Catching a Fish

You are on a fishing trip to catch as many fish as you can. What are the chances of catching a fish if you don’t know what you are doing? Zero. The guides have been catching fish for several years so they know how to manipulate the fish in the water and they can easily direct the fish to a lure. The goal is to catch a fish so having a guide is the best thing you can do.

4: Familiar with the Nature that Surrounds the Water

Furthermore, the guides have been fly fishing in rivers and lakes that you will be going through. They have not only mastered fly fishing, but they know the nature of the surrounding water and the wildlife. They can show you different images of the places you will visit. Your guide will make sure that you do not miss a thing.

5: Proper Gear

Do you want to catch rainbow trout? There is a specific gear that is used to catch rainbow trout. Ask your guide for the right gear. Your guide will show you the best places where you can find hungry fish. It is easy to catch hungry fish.

6: Choosing a Boat

If you are going to fish on a lake, you will need a boat. The boat is used to get to the fishing spots. The guides have appropriate boats and they also know specific boats for fishing. You’ll never have to worry about searching for a boat. It is better to go down a river with an experienced boat captain.

7: Prime Fishing Spots

Do you want to get access to prime fishing spots? Fishing guides have spent most of their time in the water. It is their job to take their clients to great fishing sites. And they explain why the fishing spots are good.

8: Equipment

It is important to use the latest equipment when you are fishing. The guide may have state of the art reel and rod. If the guide is supplying the gear, you will test the gear before buying them.

9: Reading the Water

It is important to learn to interpret the river currents and rifles. Look deep to check the configuration of ledges and rocks. There are some rivers that are hard to navigate. A guide will help you navigate these rivers.

10: Finding Fish

A guide can help you find fish. If you are going to fly fishing in Canada for the first time, then you don’t know where to find fish. There are several places that you can fish. However, some of these spots may not have fish. It is hard to catch fish in these spots. That is why it is better to have a guide who will help you find fish.

11: Get Feedback

Do you want to get feedback on your fishing technique? If so, you need to hire a guide. There are some guides that have been training people for several years. They know how to cast properly and they will teach you how to cast properly. They will tell you when you are making mistakes. You will learn how to fly fish in a short time.

12: Guarantee to Catch Fish

You will be sure that you will catch fish when you are with a guide. The guide will take you to a spot where the fish are very hungry. You won’t do a lot of work when you are fishing in these areas. It is easy to catch hungry fish. If you don’t have a guide right now, you should look for one.

These are the benefits of taking guided fly in fishing trips in Canada. Look for a guide who is experienced and has been training people for several years.

Best Tips on Fly Fishing in Canada

8 Best Tips on Fly Fishing in Canada

Good fly fishers are able to cast properly. A lot of anglers do not know how to cast properly. These anglers have bad habits and techniques when casting. If you are not good at casting, then know that you are not alone, so you don’t have to be ashamed.

If you really want to be good at casting, you will have to find a good casting coach or instructor. The best casting instructors have taken instructor courses and they have trained so many anglers. You will increase your catch rate by learning how to cast properly.

The following are the best tips for fly fishing in Canada.

1 Be Silent

Be silent and walk softly when you are fly fishing. Fish are sensitive to both noise and vibration. Walk lightly on the river banks and wade slowly and quietly. Rocking boats scare the fish on still waters. Know that you are trying to fool the fish, so you need to be silent.

Fish have lateral lines for detecting vibration and movement in the surrounding water. The fish can hear and feel vibrations. Therefore, be silent if you want to catch more fish.

2 Find Out what the Fish Eats

There are insects in the water. Use your eyes to see these insects. Fish eats the insects that are abundant in the lake or river. But this is not always the case because there are some fish that are very selective.

Match the hatch if you want to do better. Or you can find out what the fish are eating and try to copy it. There are several books and information online that will help you with this. The size of the fly is also important.

3 – Leader Length

9′ leaders are highly recommended when you are learning to cast. There are some situations that call for longer leaders. For example, when you are fly fishing in rivers and in still water’s loughs or when you are fly fishing from a boat.

Shorter leaders are also useful on rivers when you are fishing streamers. You will need 8 feet or shorter leader. Experiment with the leader length if you want to know the perfect length.

4 Start with Close Water

If you are going to fish on still waters and large rivers, start with the close water first. People make the mistake of making a long cast. Use quite short casts to catch a lot of fish.

You do not need to cast a long cast. There are sometimes you need to cast a long cast, but know that short casts are more effective and it easier to set the hook.

5 Avoid being Broken

This might have happened to you a few times. Why does it happen? It happens because a lot of anglers use a stiff rod and they do not let the fish run while they are playing them.

To avoid being broken, you need to remain firm when playing a good fish. Keep the rod at a forty five degree or slightly lesser angle. This enables you to play the fish with most of your rod and not the tip of the rod.

6 Stay Safe

There are so many things that you can do to make sure that you are safe when you are fly fishing in Canada. Wear a hat and sunglasses to protect your eyes. Use quality polarized sunglasses to spot fish. The glasses can also help you when you are wading rocks, underwater structure, and deep holes.

Be careful when you are wading. Some anglers wade without thinking and they are not silent when they are wading. Use a wading belt, because it may save your life someday.

7 Remove Barbs

Remove the barbs on your hooks. Use pliers to crush the barbs and to re-sharpen them. it is easier to remove a hook from a person if an accident occurs. Accidents may occur when you are fly fishing in Canada. You should be careful when you are fly fishing.

8 – Watch Your Fly

Examine the fly after catching a fish and on every failed hooked you set. Make sure that the tackle is not damaged and the wings are not rotated out of place. Have something that you will use to clean the artificial fly after catching a fish.

These are the best tips on fly fishing in Canada. Fly fishing in Canada is an amazing experience.

Follow the basic safety precautions if you want to enjoy fly fishing. Do not fly fish in a thunderstorm and where there is lighting because there some fly fishing rods that are made of materials, which conduct electricity.

Use the tips mentioned in this article to catch a lot of fish. Use short cast and be silent when you are fly fishing in Canada.

How To Have The Best Fishing Holiday Vacation In Canada

How To Have The Best Fishing Holiday Vacation In Canada

If you would like to vacation in Canada, specifically go on a fishing vacation, there are several places that you can go that are absolutely fantastic. Canada is known for exceptional fishing in the Yukon. This is an area of Canada that is in the Northwest which is sparsely populated and known for its national parks and reserves. If you would like to go with professionals to have an absolutely wonderful fishing holiday vacation, you should choose to go with the people that Wilderness Fishing Yukon. Here is an overview of why working with this company, and going out on one of their many professional fishing expeditions, will lead you to having more fun than you have ever had catching fish. Let’s first look at what and where the Yukon is, and then begin to discuss the many packages that are available.

What Exactly Is The Yukon?

Many people have heard about the Yukon through television shows and books. It is known throughout North America. It is part of the federal territories of Canada, one of the smallest that is located in the West. It also has a very small population, numbering only about 36,000 people. Whitehorse is actually the name of the territorial capitol, so when you think about the Yukon Territory, this is where all the governing occurs. As far as geography, it is oddly shaped like a triangle, one that borders Alaska. There are many waterways, mountain ranges, and most of the territory itself is considered to be a watershed. There are narrow glacier fed lakes in this Alpine system, and this is where many people will go if they want to link fishing. Some of the high mountains like Mount Logan tower in the distance, reaching a height of almost 20,000 feet, a mountain that is part of the Kluane National National Park. What is of utmost importance is understanding that you should only go fishing in the Yukon when the summer months come. It is very high in latitude, and therefore the winter months can be very long because of the perpetual dark. Likewise, it can reach extreme temperatures which will not make fishing a very fun activity at all. That’s why booking your trip with the company Wilderness Fishing Yukon is going to be done during the summer months.

Why Fish In The Yukon?

Fishing in the Yukon is considered by many to be one of the best fishing adventures that people can experience in North America. It is literally one of the last frontiers, and you can do flyfishing, or go fishing for trout, Pike, or even whitefish in these beautiful waters. Some of these trips will take you to the secluded lakes that are just north of an area called Whitehorse. This is in the Yukon River basin. These trips will last from May till September, and you will get to enjoy some of the best flyfishing that is out there, allowing you to have a lot of fun.

How To Get More Information

If you go to the website Fishing Yukon, you will learn about all of their fishing and flyfishing trips. They will introduce you to people that will take you out to these locations so that you will be in the best spots for catching fish. The Yukon is a huge territory, and if you don’t have proper guides, it might be easy to get lost. That’s why you are going to work with these professionals that have been offering these tours for many years that can get you to incredible locations, not just for fishing, but scenery that you simply cannot find anywhere else. While you are on their website, look at the different options that they have on their drop-down menu which discuss their fishing camps, fishing expeditions, flyfishing on the Yukon, and also’s been cast fishing. You can even be taken out to go fishing by species if you are looking for a specific type of fish. They make this easy for you, and by the end of your trip, you will have definitely caught your fill of fish.

If you have been debating on whether or not to go on a fishing trip up in Canada, the time to act is now. If you are looking at this information prior to the month of May, or even if it’s in the summer, there still might be time to book one of these fantastic trips. They fill up quickly, and if you are able to get one of these trips reserved, you are going to have the time of your life. You will see some of the most secluded areas of the Yukon, and have access to fish that very few people do, working with this company. It is also going to be very cost effective to work with this company. They offer some of the best prices in the industry. It’s definitely time to consider what might be your lifelong dream of going fishing in Canada’s Yukon region.

Kype Magazine Goes Fishing in the Yukon

Did you catch this one? Wilderness Fishing Yukon in Kype Magazine!

kype fishing magazine

George “Special Sauce” Douglas, Prop Fly angler and guide, and editor and owner of Kype Magazine stopped by earlier in the 2012 season in July with pro Fly Angler, Marc Crapo, Photographer and Pro Fly Angler, Symon Kirchner, and Benjy Davenport and produced this great article about our operations at Coghlan Lake Lodge and fly fishing for steelhead, lake trout and salmon. This was an awesome trip!

George Douglas and Kype Magazine: Yukon Gold at Coghlan Lake

George “Special Sauce” Douglas, Prop Fly angler and guide, and editor and owner of Kype Magazine stopped by earlier in the season in July with pro Fly Angler, Marc Crapo, Photographer and Pro Fly Angler, Symon Kirchner, and Benjy Davenport and produced this great article about our operations at Coghlan Lake Lodge and fly fishing for steelhead, lake trout and salmon. This was an awesome trip!