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How to Handle Large Trophy Fish

Hey Folks,

I was recently asked by one of my clients how to handle large trophy fish. I would love to hear your ideas and tips regarding this subject.

Here is how I responded:

Hey Joseph,

I am happy you asked this question as it is a subject that gets missed sometimes.

If you catch a trophy fish it must be handled very carefully and professionally. Remove the hook while the fish is still in the water if at all possible. The amount of time the fish should be out of the water is about the same amount of time that you can hold your breath. If the fish is hooked deeply, it is better to cut the line or leader than it is to destroy the fish by exposing it to air too long or  by damaging its gills. Continue reading “How to Handle Large Trophy Fish”

Interesting Fishing Video from Mandanna Lake

Hey Everyone,


Here is a fun video from awhile back. We dreamed this up after our work was done and we discovered we didn’t have any fishing gear. After 20 minutes trolling we caught this nice Lake Trout!

Click here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_ZE0hynepc to see the video.

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