Fishing Camps On Private Yukon Lakes

Our Canadian fishing season on our private fishing camps owned by Wilderness Fishing Yukon is from the last weekend in May to the end of September.

One Party Per Fish Camp – One Camp Per Lake

Our Yukon fishing camps are located within an 150 mile radius of Whitehorse, Yukon. Our Yukon lakes are surrounded by beautiful scenery, where under the Yukon’s “midnight sun” in early summer, avid fisherman can cast or troll to their heart’s content or just relax and enjoy nature. As you fish within the habitat of bald eagles, loons, ravens, arctic terns, beavers, lynx, mink, marten, caribou, moose and bear, you will enjoy watching and photographing local wildlife.

In order to ensure that you fully enjoy your fishing trip in the Yukon, we do not mix parties at the same fishing camp at the same time. In other words, if we book a two person party into an eight-person camp, that party still gets the whole camp to themselves.

Capacity Levels at Our Fishing Camps

Minimum and maximum party sizes by camp unless otherwise arranged:

Our fishing camp all-inclusive package rates include your scenic flight to your private fishing camp as well as:

  • bunk beds, pillows
  • foam mattresses
  • propane hotplate
  • propane lights
  • propane refrigerator
  • propane barbecue
  • woodstove, firewood
  • utensils
  • propane gas
  • dishes, dish towels
  • first aid kit
  • fire extinguisher
  • outhouse
  • life preservers
  • landing nets
  • deep 14′ fishing boats
  • 9.9 hp motors, motor gas
  • jaw spreaders

Everything else you could possibly need for your Canada fishing trip and provisions for your fishing camp is available in Whitehorse. Prices for fishing gear and tackle are slightly higher than in the “Lower 48” but the Yukon has no Canadian Provincial Sales Tax.

A guide from Wilderness Fishing Yukon will meet you at the airport and escort you to the Whitehorse grocery, tackle and liquor stores. Plan on spending from $75.00 to $110.00 per person for a week’s groceries.

Weight Limitations for Flight to Camp

While we do not wish to restrict our guests enjoyment while on their vacation, we do request you to travel reasonably light. We do not overload our aircraft. We have a weight limit of 300 pounds per person including groceries and gear. Any party that can not stay within this weight limit per person are asked to advise us in advance. Extra flights due to excess weight will be charged at $500.00 per flight per 600 pounds.

Boating Experience

Our fishing boats have required safety equipment, but it is up to you to ensure that a sufficient number of your group’s members have enough boating experience to operate our boats safely.

“Leave No Trace”

As our Yukon fishing trips are unguided, we are not responsible for the actions of our guests. We strongly encourage our guests to follow the “leave no trace” rule of the wilderness, taking care not to harm wildlife, camp equipment, or the environment.