The Call of the Wild(erness)!

Where Exactly Is The Yukon?

You may have learned about the Yukon through books and movies – in fact, a remake of one of the most famous Yukon stories is in the works right now – The Call of the Wild.

We are a Canadian northwest territory happily perched on top of most of the rest of the continent. We border Alaska to the west and the Beaufort Sea is to the north. There are many waterways, mountain ranges, and most of the territory itself is considered to be a watershed. There are narrow glacier-fed lakes in this Alpine system, most of which flow into the Yukon River system. Mount Logan towers in the distance, reaching a height of almost 20,000 feet, a mountain that is part of the Kluane National National Park.

You can get here pretty easily from wherever you call home via the Whitehorse International Airport and there are plenty of incredible things to do in town if you have a few hours before or after the fishing!

There is no better time than now to start planning your next fishing trip. And there really is no better place to set it than the Yukon! You will see some of the most secluded areas of the Yukon, stunning wildlife and have access to fish that very few people do!

Contact us today and we’ll get you on the way to the best fishing vacation of a lifetime!

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