How To Have The Best Fishing Holiday Vacation In Canada

How To Have The Best Fishing Holiday Vacation In Canada

If you would like to vacation in Canada, specifically go on a fishing vacation, there are several places that you can go that are absolutely fantastic. Canada is known for exceptional fishing in the Yukon. This is an area of Canada that is in the Northwest which is sparsely populated and known for its national parks and reserves. If you would like to go with professionals to have an absolutely wonderful fishing holiday vacation, you should choose to go with the people that Wilderness Fishing Yukon. Here is an overview of why working with this company, and going out on one of their many professional fishing expeditions, will lead you to having more fun than you have ever had catching fish. Let’s first look at what and where the Yukon is, and then begin to discuss the many packages that are available.

What Exactly Is The Yukon?

Many people have heard about the Yukon through television shows and books. It is known throughout North America. It is part of the federal territories of Canada, one of the smallest that is located in the West. It also has a very small population, numbering only about 36,000 people. Whitehorse is actually the name of the territorial capitol, so when you think about the Yukon Territory, this is where all the governing occurs. As far as geography, it is oddly shaped like a triangle, one that borders Alaska. There are many waterways, mountain ranges, and most of the territory itself is considered to be a watershed. There are narrow glacier fed lakes in this Alpine system, and this is where many people will go if they want to link fishing. Some of the high mountains like Mount Logan tower in the distance, reaching a height of almost 20,000 feet, a mountain that is part of the Kluane National National Park. What is of utmost importance is understanding that you should only go fishing in the Yukon when the summer months come. It is very high in latitude, and therefore the winter months can be very long because of the perpetual dark. Likewise, it can reach extreme temperatures which will not make fishing a very fun activity at all. That’s why booking your trip with the company Wilderness Fishing Yukon is going to be done during the summer months.

Why Fish In The Yukon?

Fishing in the Yukon is considered by many to be one of the best fishing adventures that people can experience in North America. It is literally one of the last frontiers, and you can do flyfishing, or go fishing for trout, Pike, or even whitefish in these beautiful waters. Some of these trips will take you to the secluded lakes that are just north of an area called Whitehorse. This is in the Yukon River basin. These trips will last from May till September, and you will get to enjoy some of the best flyfishing that is out there, allowing you to have a lot of fun.

How To Get More Information

If you go to the website Fishing Yukon, you will learn about all of their fishing and flyfishing trips. They will introduce you to people that will take you out to these locations so that you will be in the best spots for catching fish. The Yukon is a huge territory, and if you don’t have proper guides, it might be easy to get lost. That’s why you are going to work with these professionals that have been offering these tours for many years that can get you to incredible locations, not just for fishing, but scenery that you simply cannot find anywhere else. While you are on their website, look at the different options that they have on their drop-down menu which discuss their fishing camps, fishing expeditions, flyfishing on the Yukon, and also’s been cast fishing. You can even be taken out to go fishing by species if you are looking for a specific type of fish. They make this easy for you, and by the end of your trip, you will have definitely caught your fill of fish.

If you have been debating on whether or not to go on a fishing trip up in Canada, the time to act is now. If you are looking at this information prior to the month of May, or even if it’s in the summer, there still might be time to book one of these fantastic trips. They fill up quickly, and if you are able to get one of these trips reserved, you are going to have the time of your life. You will see some of the most secluded areas of the Yukon, and have access to fish that very few people do, working with this company. It is also going to be very cost effective to work with this company. They offer some of the best prices in the industry. It’s definitely time to consider what might be your lifelong dream of going fishing in Canada’s Yukon region.