Best Tips on Fly Fishing in Canada

8 Best Tips on Fly Fishing in Canada

Good fly fishers are able to cast properly. A lot of anglers do not know how to cast properly. These anglers have bad habits and techniques when casting. If you are not good at casting, then know that you are not alone, so you don’t have to be ashamed.

If you really want to be good at casting, you will have to find a good casting coach or instructor. The best casting instructors have taken instructor courses and they have trained so many anglers. You will increase your catch rate by learning how to cast properly.

The following are the best tips for fly fishing in Canada.

1 Be Silent

Be silent and walk softly when you are fly fishing. Fish are sensitive to both noise and vibration. Walk lightly on the river banks and wade slowly and quietly. Rocking boats scare the fish on still waters. Know that you are trying to fool the fish, so you need to be silent.

Fish have lateral lines for detecting vibration and movement in the surrounding water. The fish can hear and feel vibrations. Therefore, be silent if you want to catch more fish.

2 Find Out what the Fish Eats

There are insects in the water. Use your eyes to see these insects. Fish eats the insects that are abundant in the lake or river. But this is not always the case because there are some fish that are very selective.

Match the hatch if you want to do better. Or you can find out what the fish are eating and try to copy it. There are several books and information online that will help you with this. The size of the fly is also important.

3 – Leader Length

9′ leaders are highly recommended when you are learning to cast. There are some situations that call for longer leaders. For example, when you are fly fishing in rivers and in still water’s loughs or when you are fly fishing from a boat.

Shorter leaders are also useful on rivers when you are fishing streamers. You will need 8 feet or shorter leader. Experiment with the leader length if you want to know the perfect length.

4 Start with Close Water

If you are going to fish on still waters and large rivers, start with the close water first. People make the mistake of making a long cast. Use quite short casts to catch a lot of fish.

You do not need to cast a long cast. There are sometimes you need to cast a long cast, but know that short casts are more effective and it easier to set the hook.

5 Avoid being Broken

This might have happened to you a few times. Why does it happen? It happens because a lot of anglers use a stiff rod and they do not let the fish run while they are playing them.

To avoid being broken, you need to remain firm when playing a good fish. Keep the rod at a forty five degree or slightly lesser angle. This enables you to play the fish with most of your rod and not the tip of the rod.

6 Stay Safe

There are so many things that you can do to make sure that you are safe when you are fly fishing in Canada. Wear a hat and sunglasses to protect your eyes. Use quality polarized sunglasses to spot fish. The glasses can also help you when you are wading rocks, underwater structure, and deep holes.

Be careful when you are wading. Some anglers wade without thinking and they are not silent when they are wading. Use a wading belt, because it may save your life someday.

7 Remove Barbs

Remove the barbs on your hooks. Use pliers to crush the barbs and to re-sharpen them. it is easier to remove a hook from a person if an accident occurs. Accidents may occur when you are fly fishing in Canada. You should be careful when you are fly fishing.

8 – Watch Your Fly

Examine the fly after catching a fish and on every failed hooked you set. Make sure that the tackle is not damaged and the wings are not rotated out of place. Have something that you will use to clean the artificial fly after catching a fish.

These are the best tips on fly fishing in Canada. Fly fishing in Canada is an amazing experience.

Follow the basic safety precautions if you want to enjoy fly fishing. Do not fly fish in a thunderstorm and where there is lighting because there some fly fishing rods that are made of materials, which conduct electricity.

Use the tips mentioned in this article to catch a lot of fish. Use short cast and be silent when you are fly fishing in Canada.

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